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To design our products, it is necessary to develop a series of steps, in order to create a product that meets the requirements which are the DNA of the brand: quality and unique garments. 


A quilt can have a beautiful design, but if the fiber has not been properly skirted and cleaned, it would have a rough texture. Or if the threading is made very thick, it will be heavy and not practical to use. 


For us, choosing each thread, its cleaning and its care are an important part of the process that is done with as much attention as its subsequent weaving.


Part of our job is to boost the creativity of each artisan, creating new designs according to the needs of the buyers, following fashion trends and our own inspiration by traversing each place looking for this experience. Taking care of the details that make each garment unique and with the own DNA of whoever made it. 


It is important for the buyer to recognize that there may be 100 quilts with the same color and knit, but these are 100 unique quilts, because each one was made by different people, with different fibers and at different times, there will never be two identical quilts. 


Today, the Fair Trade and Sustainable Fashion highlight not only concepts of social appreciation and compromise, but also form part of the new luxury, these concepts are placed in the tip of the social pyramid, getting promoted and supported not only by the governments but also by the corporations that seek to transmit this concept to their customers. 

Luxury lies increasingly in the experience of distinction, in the experience promised by the objects more so than from the objects themselves.  





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