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Made with love

Our work reflects the fusion between dedication,

love for the craft, the trade and the natural environment.

This is the handcrafted process of our products. 



We only use natural threads, and work with responsibility and care towards the natural environment. 


The artisans receive the threads to choose the best fibers, clean them and start the threading process. 


Once the threads are received, they are ready for the loom.


Weaving on a loom is an ancestral technique that artisans pass on from mothers to daughters, to preserve it over time. 


Our work helps strengthen this identity of different communities and their cultures. We work with artisans from the North, the Littoral and the South of our country exploring fibers and techniques native to each region. 


Once the thread is ready, the hands prepare to care for and finalize the details, creating crochet finishes or embroidering each product.  

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